Clever Ways to Add Storage Around Staircases

While staircases are essential for moving between levels in your home, these hardworking areas also offer surprising opportunities for storage. Here's how to add on organization, one step at a time.

Mid-Rise Storage
    Some stairwells have a landing in the middle of the staircase. If your home sports a landing like this, claim the space for book storage. Look for slim shelving that won't take up a large portion of the landing and won?t hinder the traffic flow.

Add Service at the Foot of the Stairs
    Place a console table or slim desk at the foot of the stairs to provide a drop-off point for keys, mail, and other essentials. A few baskets on the floor can help gather other items.

Sink In Some Shelving
    Add a small niche to the wall beneath your stair case. Inset about 6 inches, these simple shelves are ideal for collections and books.

 Stairway Shelves
    Shelves along the top of a landing are perfect for storing books. If you don't have a linen closet, deep shelves like these are perfect for storing extra towels and sheets. Outfit the shelves with pretty baskets and tuck the linens inside.
Turn the Corner
    Turn an underused corner into a homework or computer station. A simple desk fits snugly into the corner by this staircase. If your computer is housed elsewhere, outfit the desk with a charging station for your cell phone and other gadgets.

Transform Landing into Work Space
    Looking to carve out space for a home office? If you have a large landing, you're in luck. A set of shelves, a desk, and a few organizing supplies were all that was needed to transform this ignored landing into a full-fledged work space.

Extend Display with Picture Rails
    Capitalize on the length of a stairwell by attaching bands of decorative molding that function as picture rails. For a pulled-together look, place items in similar frames and mats and embellish with hanging ribbons and coordinating labels.

Step into Bookcases
    Line one wall of a wide stairway with shallow bookcases. Use high, difficult-to-reach areas for decorative display or infrequently accessed volumes. Cover unusual, triangular spaces with drywall or leave open to introduce architectural interest.

Build In a Wet Bar
    Use the space under the stairs in a basement as your entertaining zone. Combine small-scale appliances and a sink along the floor and extend simple shelves in the upper areas. Install recessed lighting on the slanted ceiling in order to make the most of the low ceiling.

Pack In Supplies
    Large, deep shelves running beneath these basement stairs are ideal for stacking bins and boxes. The slatted shelves keep items off the basement floor and out of harm's way should the basement flood.

Make Room for Multiple Baskets
    Shelving beneath a stairwell can be deep. Prevent items from being lost in the back of the shelves by corralling everything in decorative baskets. This stairwell faces the kitchen, so the baskets are an ideal spot for storing linens and cookbooks.

Establish an Efficient Pantry
    Convert the space under the staircase into a small room for storing food, paper goods, and extra cooking equipment. Add a door and wrap the three walls with shallow shelves.

Work with Furniture You Already Have
    No special console table for the foot of the stairs? No problem! Simply cluster together several smaller pieces of furniture, such as dining chairs, stools, and large baskets. Unify mismatched finishes with a coat of paint or stain.

Hide Away Secret Compartments
    The cubbies under this staircase may look typical, but they extend on roll-out bars to reveal secondary storage spaces. Upgrade storage cubbies with roll-out hardware designed for cabinet pullout shelves and stash off-season items deep inside.

Layer on the Ledges
    Build out the lower portion of a stairway wall a few inches in an exaggerated stair-step pattern. Cap these prime spots with decorative trim and use them to display wall art and show off collections.

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Make the Most of the Top
    Position a wall-hugging bookcase or console table at the top of a staircase. Add decorative lighting, which not only showcases your favorite items but illuminates the stairs, a safety plus.

Pack Storage Under a Landing
    Staircases with elevated landings offer special opportunities to squeeze in extra storage. Install drawers that extend deep under the flooring and fill with seasonal items or sporting goods. Embellish a solid handrail with hooks for coats and frequently used gear.

Make a Mini Room
    Outfit the area under the stairs with furniture and storage pieces that suit one of your passions -- perhaps reading, studying, or crafting. Storage cubes and small end tables fit well under low ceilings and can be positioned facing out for easy access. Chairs, desks, and other furnishings that involve sitting work well with the low, angled ceilings.

Step Up the Storage
    Follow the line of your staircase and place several increasingly taller bookcases along a staircase wall. This approach preserves the through-views of an open staircase while adding substantial storage and display ledges at various heights.


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