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Dyson vacuum cleaners, according to the Dyson manufacturer and Dyson vacuum users, are the only vacuum cleaners that do not lose suction. Most vacuum cleaners tend to clog and lose their vacuuming power. This clogging makes the vacuum cleaner less effective. The Dyson is bag less and is more durable that most vacuum cleaners. Dyson is considered the most powerful upright vacuum and has HEPA filters that will last a lifetime and requires no vacuum bags. The British Allergy Foundation has approved the Dyson vacuum for allergy sufferers as it retains microscopic particles. The construction of the vacuum is durable using the same materials used for crash helmets. The vacuums come with a full one year warranty and a limited three year warranty. Some of the Dyson vacuum cleaners come with attachments that help with cleaning upholstery, cars and stairs.
The Dyson vacuum cleaner was invented by one James Dyson when he realized his vacuum bag was filling and clogging the suction effectively reducing its effectiveness. The newly designed vacuum cleaner had constant suction and expelled clean air. The vacuum cleaner uses centrifugal forces that effectively separate the air from the dirt. The spinning air creates a centrifuge effectively pushing the dirt out of the air which keeps the air flow unobstructed. This allows clean air to be returned to the room during your vacuuming unlike most vacuums. Not only does Dyson clean carpets it is also designed to clean all floors. The story goes that Mr. Dyson visited some of the major Vacuum cleaner manufacturers and none of them bought off on his innovative idea of a cyclonic and bag less vacuum cleaner. He ended up making his invention on his own and finally marketing it. Since then the Dyson vacuum cleaner has gained an international reputation. However in the recent years there are many bag less vacuum cleaners in the market place that use similar technology to that of the Dyson vacuum cleaner. These competitor's vacuums are offered at affordable prices.

The Dyson website contains links to online retailers and local stores. There are many online retailers that sell the different Dyson vacuums. Shopping on line puts many different retailers in competition with each other allowing for competitively priced and discount Dyson vacuum cleaners. Some of the retailers even offer free shipping for the vacuum cleaners. It is important to shop around and compare the retailers. Make sure you purchase from a legitimate Dyson Dealer. Internet auction sites like EBay offer some of the best deal for Dyson vacuum cleaners. However be sure to investigate the seller thoroughly to avoid getting "taken". Shopping locally allows you to see and try out your vacuum before you purchase it. You can compare the different types of Dyson Vacuums and choose the one that feels most comfortable to you. There are many different types of Dyson vacuums. The DC07 line; Full Gear (Has different attachments for all cleaning jobs), Animal (Best for cleaning up pet hair), Low Reach (For hard to reach areas like under furniture) and All floors (the original vacuum that doesn't loose suction). The DC14 line has a wand that releases for cleaning stairs and the DC15 line has highly maneuverable vacuums.
The Dyson DC25 Animal Ball vacuum is the most efficient vacuum cleaner from Dyson especially focused on pet owners who need to clean and remove deeply not only dust but hair pet. This Dyson's vacuum has a lot of hype recently so chances are that this model is not new for you and you may have heard about this product before
This Dyson DC25 Animal ball review has the objective to give you enough information for you to decide if this is the right vacuum cleaner for you; no matter what comments you have heard before, you need to have an objective view of the quality of the product and the main benefits of the DC25 animal, so this review will help you determine if you should buy it.
The Dyson animal ball review will go over the main selling points, which are the sucking power, the ball, customer results and additional features or benefits that Dyson is mentioning.
One of the main selling point of the Dyson DC25 animal ball vacuum cleaner is that it is especially focused on people who have pets in home for which it is important to have a strong sucking power to remove dust, and pet hair. It has constant suction power of 220 air watts
The Dysons' Ball
Dyson's animal ball vacuum easily twists and turns around furniture and obstacles for thorough cleaning throughout the house which means-no more missed angles or tiresome back-and-forth vacuuming. This is because of the ball. If you go to YouTube, you will see many videos where Dyson explains why the use of the ball helps to maneuver better the vacuum. There is an interesting video about an egg and how the shape of the egg helps the cleaning process.
Customer Results
One of the main selling points of Dyson DC 25 is what customers say - no better advertisement than word of mouth- and if you go on internet you can find more than 130 customer testimonials where you can see that the rating they have gotten is 4.5 out of 5. This means that more than 100 people that voted on this product consider the Dyson DC 25 animal ball is a good product for their needs.


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